"I want to live in my own home as long as I possibly can. My Home Caregivers is helping me to do that!"

Elder Care

If you or a loved one needs general assistance, specialized support or just companionship in the home, we can help.

Many seniors are not ready for institutionalized care, but don’t want to be a burden to their family. Providing the proper care is often too challenging for family members alone, which is why many families rely on our live-in caregivers to help.

Do I qualify to hire a caregiver? The live-in caregiver program allows qualifying applicants to enjoy the many benefits of live-in care.
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Raising your children in a safe and nurturing environment is important. Our nannies help you do that.

Raising a family today can be difficult. Our nannies can help you give your children the care they deserve, while allowing you the flexibility you need. Live-in nannies care for your loved ones in your home. This is the most comfortable and natural environment for your children, and offers an affordable option to daycare.

What you need to know about nannies Would you like to learn more?
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Are you a caregiver? If you are an experienced, qualified and compassionate caregiver wanting to work in Canada, we want to hear from you.

Are you a nanny? Loving, competent, skilled and experienced in childcare. If that describes you, we may have a Canadian family looking for you.

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